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SACHCARZ vehicles are equipped with an All India Permit so that the entire Sub-Continent is at your fingertips! You are free to travel outside the state you picked up the car. When you enter a new state, always remember to stop at the first RTO check post. The signs are always well marked and you will find that all cabs and self-drive rental vehicles are stopping there too.

Please Note

In no set of circumstances should you have to pay any additional cash fine or penalty. It is NOT required that you have a special driver’s license designation or badge in order to operate SACHCARZ’s vehicles!

Temporary/Special Permits

In order to cross Indian State lines in a commercial vehicle, it is required that the vehicle has the necessary entry permit. Please see below for details as the precise charges differ State by State.

The charges represented below are approximations of the amount, you will owe at the time of State entry.Please remember that all payments are to be made in cash against valid challans unless expressly instructed by the relevant check post authorities otherwise.

Please refer to SACHCARZ’s Fee Policy for details of costs which are reimbursable by SACHCARZ.


Charges represented are approximation only and the same is subject to change without prior notice, at the sole discretion and direction of the respective State.